5 Reasons Why Your Self-Tan Washes Off In The Shower & How To Fix It

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5 Reasons Why Your Self-Tan Washes Off In The Shower & How To Fix It

Self-tanners are a popular method to attain a sun-kissed glow without harmful sun exposure. But many users find their tan fades or washes off during showers. This post explores the top five causes of this issue and offers solutions to prevent it.

1. Insufficient Drying Time

The first reason self-tanners may wash off in the shower is due to insufficient drying time. Peta Jane Beauty self-tanning products need a minimum of 6 to 8 hours to fully absorb and react with the skin. If you shower or sweat immediately after application, or before the tanner has fully dried, you risk washing away the product, resulting in a less-than-perfect tan. 

2. Excessive Exfoliation

While exfoliating your skin before applying self-tanner is an essential step to achieve an even tan, overdoing it can be counterproductive. Additionally, exfoliating or shaving right before you apply your tan is not recommended as that can cause the tan to develop in an uneven manner and ultimately wash off in the shower. We recommend lightly exfoliating at least 24 hours before self-tanning. 

Exfoliation after tanning can strip away the outer layer of skin where the self-tanner has done its job, causing the tan to fade faster. Stick to gentle cleansing and avoid exfoliating scrubs, rubbing yourself dry, or loofahs post-tanning to keep your tan intact.

3. Hot Showers & Baths

Hot showers/baths feel great, especially after a long day, but they are not the best choice for maintaining your self-tan. Hot water can open up the pores and promote skin cell turnover, which in turn, can cause your tan to fade quicker. Opt for lukewarm water instead, and try to keep your showers short to ensure your tan lasts longer.

4. Harsh Soaps and Cleansers

The type of soap or cleanser you use can significantly impact the longevity of your self-tan. Many conventional soaps, especially those with high pH levels, can strip the skin of its natural oils, disrupt the skin barrier, speed up the fading process of your tan, and wash it off entirely. Opt for pH-balanced, gentle, and hydrating cleansers to maintain your glow.

Ex: Dove soaps can strip and fade a tan. 

5. Lack of Hydration

Post-tanning care is just as crucial as pre-tanning preparation, and a crucial part of that care is hydration. Dry skin tends to shed more rapidly, causing the self-tanner to fade faster. By keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized, you ensure that your tan will last longer. Many hydrating lotions will alter the PH of your skin turning your tan orange or even stripping it from your skin. Opt for pH-balanced, and gentle moisturizers to maintain your glow. 

Remember, the key to a long-lasting self-tan doesn't stop at application but includes care before and after tanning as well. By addressing these factors and taking steps to enhance the staying power of your self-tan, you'll be able to enjoy your sunless glow for much longer. Happy tanning!

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Excellent info! At first it seems like a lot to keep in mind, but it all makes sense and if you need to adjust a few of your habits, after a couple of times you’ll do the right thing automatically!

Pat Knapp

What’s the best name soap and lotion to use?


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