About Peta Jane Beauty

Peta Jane Murgatroyd is an internationally celebrated actress, dancer, and TV personality. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle inspired her to develop products to help you look good and feel confident.

Back in Australia as a little girl I was always mixing foundations, bronzers, and moisturizers to create my own makeup, so I guess it was always in my blood to envision owning my own beauty company. I moved to the US in 2010, and being on the TV show Dancing With The Stars for 12 years, I knew a thing or two about a fake tan. You could say I was a connoisseur of fake tanning. 😉

As a professional dancer and actor, I have always been obsessed with being bronzed and glowy, but I could never find a formula that gave me the results I wanted without turning me into an Oompa Loompa. So, I began researching which ingredients create the tones that I so badly wanted to achieve. After years of testing, we finally found the perfect formula! It took a while but it was worth it to finally be able to share it with all of you…and get rid of one Oompa Loompa at a time! 🤣

I truly hope that you love Peta Jane Beauty just as much as I do. Whether you have a fake tan need or obsession like me this brand is for you! Peta Jane Beauty is here to give you the most beautiful, golden glow without any of the orangey nonsense. Thank you so much for supporting my brand, it truly means the world to me. ♥️


Peta XO