Explore Peta Jane Beauty's premium self-tanning accessories, meticulously designed for an impeccable tan from head to toe. Our collection features the plush Tanning Mitt, precision Body Perfecting Brush, delicate Face Perfecting Brush, innovative Back Self-Tanning Applicator, and the rejuvenating Exfoliating Mitt. Each tool is crafted to enhance your tanning experience, ensuring streak-free application and flawless results. Elevate your tanning routine with Peta Jane Beauty's accessories – essential for achieving that perfect, sun-kissed glow

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    Tanning Mitt

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    Say goodbye to streaks and hello to flawless, professional-grade tanning! Peta Jane Beauty’s luxurious mitt isn't just soft and silky; it's your ticket to a bronzed goddess glow like your favorite dancing stars!

    Made with a waterproof inner lining to shield your palms from any tanning mishaps, you'll tan like a pro in no time. But here's our magic touch: our mitt features a one-of-a-kind deep thumb design that grants you unparalleled control during application, ensuring every inch of your skin gets that Hollywood even radiance. Say hello to tanning perfection – the Peta Jane way!


    • Luxurious soft velvet mitt for streak free results
    • Unique deep thumb design for optimal control during application
    • Waterproof interior prevents stained palms
    • Double sided mitt for easy application
    • Mitt is machine safe, easy to keep clean and reuse

    • Body Perfecting Brush

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      Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
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      The Peta Jane Beauty Body Perfecting Brush is your go-to for achieving professional self-tanning results. It’s special curved design effortlessly blends, ensuring a consistently flawless application, every time.

      Use in conjunction with our tanning mitt and mousses for perfectly blended self-tan results! 


      • Unbelievably soft
      • Curved shape to perfect application
      • Makes blending self-tanning mousse easy
      • Easy to keep clean and reuse
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      1. Face Perfecting Brush

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        Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
        22 Reviews

        Peta Jane Beauty’s Face Perfecting Brush ensures an even and precise self-tan application while keeping your fingers stain-free.

        WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: 

        • Unbelievably soft
        • Makes tanning your face a breeze
        • Perfect for contouring
        • Easy to keep clean and reuse
        • Keeps your fingers stain-free
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        1. Back Self-Tanning Applicator

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          Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
          63 Reviews

          Peta Jane Beauty’s Back Applicator is the remedy to awkward contortions and missed spots! This is no ordinary tool; it's a game-changer in any tanning routine.

          The soft, velvety surface ensures a streak-free application every time, while the ergonomically shaped handle puts you in full control, comfortably. No more asking for favors from roommates or settling for less-than-perfect results. With our Back Applicator, you'll be the master of your own sun-kissed destiny. 

           Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just want that sun-kissed look all year round, this tool has got your back - literally!

          WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: 

          • Luxurious soft velvet for streak free results
          • Long ergonomic handles suitable for all body types
          • Makes tanning your back easy and achievable without any outside help
          • Double sided applicator for easy application
          • Machine safe, easy to keep clean and reuse
        2. New

          Exfoliating Mitt

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          Peta Jane Beauty’s exfoliating mitt is a must-have for perfectionists. This multipurpose reusable mitt efficiently removes fading self-tan, exfoliates, and preps your skin for even tanning. Unique in its ergonomic design, it's your key to achieving consistently flawless self-tan results with ease.

          WHY WE LOVE IT: 

          • Gently exfoliates your skin 
          • Unique deep thumb design for optimal control and comfort  
          • Easy to keep clean and reuse



          Is this product suitable for sensitive skin?

          Yes. However if you have any specific concerns we always recommend speaking to your Doctor/Dermatologist before aplying any new products!

          Can I use the Tanning Mousse on my face?

          Yes! All Peta Jane Products are safe to use on your face, as always we recommend a patch test before any application. You can also try the Peta Jane Mist underneath or on top of your make up.

          Are Peta Jane Beauty products vegan?

          Yes, all our products are vegan and organically derived.

          Are Peta Jane Beauty products safe to use while pregnant?

          Yes, all Peta Jane Beauty products are safe to use while pregnant. We recommend checking with your GP before using any new product during a pregnancy.

          What is the shelflife of Peta Jane Beauty products?

          You can store your Peta Jane Beauty products for up to 3 years.

          Does the Mist last as long as the Mousse?

          Yes, both the Mist and the Mousse last up to 7 days. The mist is perfect for touch ups over the mousse too!

          How long does it take for the Mist to dry?

          It takes about a minute to dry just like our Mousse! Let it dry then get dressed and rinse it off after 6/8 hours!

          What’s the difference between the Mist and Mousse?

          The application process is the only difference, the Mousse requires a mitt and the mist you just spray on. Our Tanning Mist only comes in a Medium shade, and our Tanning Mousse comes in 3 shades.

          How long does the tan last?

          The tan lasts up to 7 days and will fade like a natural sun tan would!

          How To

          How do I clean the Tanning Mitt?

          The Mitt is washing machine safe (just don't put it in with your whites). You can also handwash it and let it air dry. We do not recommend putting the Mitt in the dryer.

          Will using daily sunscreen fade the tan?

          No! We recommend wearing SPF over your tan everyday as our products do not contain any SPF.

          Does the Mist stain clothes/floors/walls?

          We recommend putting a towel down on the floor when you spray. To avoid it getting on clothes, wait a couple of minutes to dry then get dressed. No exercise, sweating, or water of any kind for 6/8 hours.


          Do you ship internationally? If so, which countries?

          We currently only ship to the United States but we are working on expanding shipping to other countries!