Choosing the Right Shade: Find Your Perfect Match for a Natural Tan

Choosing the Right Shade: Find Your Perfect Match for a Natural Tan

If you’re new to the self-tanning world, it can be intimidating. When it comes to self-tanning, it's important to understand your complexion to achieve the best results. Complexions vary, and choosing the right self-tanner for your skin can make all the difference.

Keep in mind the different, general skin tones- fair, medium, and dark. Which category do you fall into or which two are you between? This is a great first step to picking your self-tanner shade.

before and after self tan on legs

Fair skin is very light or pale. If this is your skin tone, you should consider using a light tanning mousse to avoid an unnatural-looking tan. Or consider using a gradual tan tanner or tan extender to ease into a bronzed glow. Sometimes, those with fair skin may be able to use a medium tanning mousse. It depends on your individual undertones, complexion, and preference. Check out fellow PJB Babes, Taylor Reynolds, using our light mousse!

@lovetaylorreynolds My new fav @Peta Jane Beauty 😍 Used shade medium and let it sit for two hours before bed. Soo ez #selftanner #tanningmousse #paleskin ♬ sonido original - yo


Medium skin is more tan or olive. For medium skin, we recommend using a medium tanning mousse (our most popular!) or dark tanning mousse.

Then there’s dark skin, which has a deeper complexion. For darker skin, we recommend using the dark or ultra-dark tanning mousse (coming soon!) for the best results.

If you’re still unsure if you’re ready to dive into self-tanning, check out the Peta Jane Beauty Tan Extender. This is the perfect product to gradually build, extend or accelerate your tan. A great way to dip your toes in!

tan extender

The best part of Peta Jane Beauty tanning products is you’ll never be orange. Our products are made to create the most natural-looking tan on all skin tones. We’ve put in years of work and research to give you the most natural-looking tan that is easy on your skin!

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