Dancing With The Stars: Peta's Secrets to a TV-Ready Tan

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Dancing With The Stars: Peta's Secrets to a TV-Ready Tan

Hey, gorgeous! As you know, on Dancing with the Stars, a lot goes into to making us pros and our partners look TV-ready week after week. We have custom wardrobe, an amazing hair and makeup department, and incredible production teams to make us standout. Those 4K cameras don't miss much so having a perfect tan helps give me another layer (see what I did there) of confidence on the big screen. And since I'm not one to gate-keep, I'm going to let you in on how I achieve a flawless tan that looks good on every inch of my body even under the bright lights of a Hollywood studio! 


So, let's dive into my favorite tanning secrets.

1. The Pre-Tan Prep:

The journey to a flawless tan begins before the tanning products even touch your skin. Proper exfoliation is my first step. I use a gentle exfoliator at least 24 hours before application to create a smooth canvas for the tan to adhere to. Remember, a clean slate is key to avoid any uneven patches or streaks. I don't recommend exfoliating with an oily scrub as the oils can form a barrier on your skin and keep the tan from developing properly. Stick to exfoliating gloves or loofahs. 

2. The Right Self-Tanner:

Choosing the right self-tanning product is crucial. [At Peta Jane Beauty] We've got a ton of amazing options, but for me, it's all about our dark self-tanning mousse. The mousse is super easy to apply and dries quickly, which is crucial on busy pre-show rehearsal days. One of my biggest pain-points that drove me to create Peta Jane Beauty was the SMELL of other self-tanners on the market. My mousses have a pleasant fragrance which is important when you're cha-cha ing 3 inches from your partner. 

Peta's Secrets to a Stage-Ready Tan

3. Practice Makes Perfect:

Just like dancing, tanning is an art that requires practice. Working in small sections, I usually start with my legs, then work my way up, leaving my hans and feet for last. Remember, less is more; a little goes a long way. 

Pro Tip: If you need to be extra dark, wait 10 minutes after your first application, and apply a second coat, let it sit for 8 hours and rinse! 

4. Maintaining That Glow:

To keep your tan fading evenly, it's important to moisturize daily with an appropriate moisturiser. You can also use a tan extender to prolong the lifespan of your tan! 

5. The Final Touch:

As showtime approaches, it's time for the finishing touches. A hint of shimmer can make your tan truly pop, especially under the stage lights. I love to apply highlighter on top of my tan for that extra shimmer and flawless look! 

6. Confidence is Key:

Regardless of how amazing you look, confidence is your most powerful accessory so just like in dance keep your frame up, your smile bright, and just go for it!  


And there you have it, my secret recipe for staying TV-ready. Don't forget to explore our blog for more tanning tips and insider tricks!

Xoxo, Peta Jane 💋

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Katrina Sullivan

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