How To Perfectly Self-Tan Your Hands & Feet



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How To Perfectly Self-Tan Your Hands & Feet

You’ve followed all the steps and perfectly applied your self-tanner. You exfoliated, lightly moisturized those extra tricky areas and applied your tanning mouse in long circular motions. You’re ready to let it dry, rinse it off and show off your gorgeous tan to the world! But uh-oh… what about your hands and feet?

Applying self-tanner to your hands and feet requires a little extra attention to detail than the rest of your body. Poor application to your hands and feet is a dead giveaway that your gorgeous, glowing tan is from a bottle and not the sun! Don’t worry, we have your back.

Lightly moisturize your hands and feet

When you’re applying Peta Jane Tanning Mousse, you’ll want to avoid moisturizing most of your body beforehand. However, there are some areas that need a little extra love! This includes your elbows, knees, ankles, cuticles, and any other areas that may tend to get dry.

We recommend going for an oil-free moisturizer because oil-based moisturizers can break down self-tanners. And don’t forget to give your moisturizer some time to absorb into those extra special areas, around 30 minutes to an hour should do the trick!

Make a claw shape with your hand & focus on the top of your hands and feet

Making a claw shape with your hand ensures you’re hitting all parts of your hand evenly. Focus on the top of your hands and feet when applying. In other words, the parts that would normally soak up the sun!

It’s easy to get a little carried away and end up with some extra tanner on our palms, soles, nails, or inner wrist. No need to panic! Have a wipe on standby to wipe off any excess. As always, avoid getting your tan wet until the product has fully developed!

Less is more

Less is definitely more when it comes to applying to your hands and feet! Generally whatever product is left over on your mitt once you’re done with your full body application is more than enough!

Use sweeping motions

We know you’re used to circular motions when applying self-tanner, but for those hands and feet, we need to switch it up a bit. Use small, controlled sweeping motions instead! Trust us, this will give you a more even application. If you need more control, use a makeup brush and lightly swipe the product on.

And voilà! Your sunless tan is flawless from head to toe! We hope our tips and tricks helped you achieve the perfect tan. Leave a comment below and share your results!

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