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Peta Jane Beauty: Rated Top Self-Tanner for Darker Skin Tones

We've got some seriously exciting news to share with you!

Our very own Peta Jane Beauty Dark Self-Tanning Mousse has snagged the number one spot among the “The 5 Best Self-Tanners For Dark Skin Tones”, in a recent feature by Bustle.

As you know, our mission at Peta Jane Beauty, is about promoting self-confidence and making every single one of you feel confident and beautiful in your skin. That’s why we’re over the moon that our Dark Self-Tanning Mousse is getting the recognition it deserves.

If you’ve tried it, you know why our self-tanning mousse is at the top of the roster. Fast drying, easy to use, amazing signature scent, natural deep tan tones! You get the radiant, deep tan you've always craved without subjecting your skin to any harmful UV damage.

But here's the thing - our Dark Self-Tanning Mousse isn't just for those who desire a deep, natural-looking tan. It’s also an amazing choice for individuals with darker skin tones who want to add a touch of radiance and subtle glow to their skin, particularly during the cooler winter months. As highlighted in the Bustle article, when the summer glow starts to fade and our complexions become more dull and dry — our mousse is the perfect solution!

We've got your back, beautiful!

The Best Dark Self-Tanning for Darker Skin Tones- Peta Jane Beauty

“Since I don’t like wearing heavy makeup during the winter, self-tanner… gives me a sun-kissed gleam that makes it look like I just got back from vacation, it also completely evens out my skin tone, texture, and any hyperpigmentation I have.” - Chelsie DeSouza 

Our mousse helps you maintain radiant skin by evening out your skin tone, and airbrushing any stubborn texture caused by cooler weather.

The cherry on top is that all of our products are crafted with organically derived ingredients, all right here in the USA. We're truly proud to offer a product that caters to all our PJB babes out there. And we can't thank Bustle enough for shining a spotlight on our Dark Self-Tanning Mousse.

Head over to Bustle and check out the feature. We promise you'll know more about how to achieve a flawless finish and fall even more in love with our Dark Self-Tanning Mousse after reading their rave review!

Best Self-Tanner for Darker Skin Tones

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