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The Best Smelling Self-Tanner You’ll Ever Try

The Best Smelling Self-Tanner You’ll Ever Try

Tired of the notorious 'fake tan' smell that lingers after your self-tanning routine? The unpleasant odor, courtesy of DHA, often turns a beauty ritual into a smelly chore. But fear not, we've cracked the code.

If you’re anything like us and love to self-tan, but can't stand the smell that most self-tanners have – this is for you.

The Dreaded Smell: How DHA and Your Skin React

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the key active ingredient in self-tanners, is known for its distinctive and not-so-pleasant aroma. The magic (and sometimes the challenge) of self-tanning lies in the chemical reaction between your skin and DHA. What is DHA, you ask? It's a colorless sugar that interacts with the amino acids in the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin.

When you apply a self-tanner containing DHA, it begins to react with these amino acids and results in the formation of compounds called melanoidins that are responsible for the brown color that gives you a sun-kissed tan.

However, the same reaction that produces the desired tan also produces an odor. This smell is often described as slightly sweet or biscuit-like, but it can turn unpleasant when it mingles with the natural scent of your skin. These compound reactions are the reason for the characteristic odor associated with self-tanning.


What Makes PJB The Best Smelling Self-Tanner

Enter Peta Jane Beauty… Our lineup of self-tanning products not only help you achieve the flawless tan you desire but also elevates your tanning experience from a dreaded, smelly chore to a literal breath of fresh air. We’ve skillfully developed a formula made from organic DHA (derived from beets & sugar) balanced with our signature Peta Jane Beauty fragrance. 

The secret lies in our Signature scent:

  • Rose Petals: Close your eyes and imagine the soft whispers of a rose garden… The scent is timeless, fresh, and irresistibly floral.
  • Citrus Zest: A vibrant burst of citrus zest, akin to a radiant burst of sunshine on a tropical getaway.
  • Grapefruit Tang: Like a refreshing breeze, it introduces a slightly tangy note to the fragrance.
  • Plus Some Secret Ingredients — Our bespoke blend doesn't stop here. We've added a touch of mystery with secret ingredients that elevate the freshness and allure of our signature scent.

The aromatic blend of rose petals, with nuances of citrus zest and grapefruit in our Peta Jane Beauty mousse, compose a scent that's fresh, delicate, and timeless. No more unpleasant self-tanner odors – just the essence of sunshine in a bottle. Once applied, you'll not only look like you've just returned from a tropical vacation – you'll smell like one too.

Our secret blend, enriched with mystery ingredients, ensures that your self-tanning experience is not just free from the chemical bath sensation but is a literal breath of fresh air. Say goodbye to the icky smell of traditional self-tanners and say hello to paradise with PJB signature scent.

Explore our range of self-tanning products and enjoy a luminous, scented glow.

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