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FAQ: Can I Apply the PJB Tanning Mousse to my Face?

If you're wondering if you can apply the Peta Jane Beauty Tanning Mousse on your face, you're in the right place! We understand that this is a common question, and we're here to provide you with all the insights you need to make an informed decision for your skin!

Is Peta Jane's Tanning Mousse Safe for Your Face?

The delicate skin on your face deserves special attention! Did you know it’s the most sensitive on your body? Therefore It's always wise to exercise a bit more caution when introducing any new products to your face. Our golden rule? Always perform a patch testing before trying any new products.

Now, let's tackle the big question – can you apply our self-tanning mousses to your face? In short, absolutely! Our Tanning Mousse is carefully formulated and free from harsh chemicals with your skin's sensitivity in mind.


How to Apply Tanning Mousse on Your Face

If you decide to use our self-tanner on your face, be mindful that it requires a little bit of technique! 

Start by cleansing and exfoliating your skin to create an even base. Apply a small amount of the mousse onto your go-to blending brush, and dab the mousse onto the contours of your face. Remember to steer clear of the eye area & hairline!

Over the next few hours, a natural-looking glow will unfold, lasting up to a week. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your tan, moisturizing is key. Also, be mindful of excessive exfoliation and harsh cleansers on your face as that will fade your tan. 

Watch below how our founder, Peta, applies our tanning mousse to her face for the perfect sculpted and contoured look!


If you watched the videos and think you need a more fuss-free routine, consider our Tanning Mist as an alternative to the mousse for facial application. Crafted with the same care as our mousses, the mist offers a convenient spray-on application. 

PRO TIP: Combine the strengths of our Tanning Mousse and Tanning Mist for an irresistible duo! Start with the mousse for that initial sun-kissed touch, then finish with a mist spritz for a bronzy radiance.

One thing is certain – whether you opt for our Mousse or prefer the Mist, the outcome will be the same: a flawless sun-kissed face with zero sun damage! 

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