Dancing with the Stars: Peta's Tanning Must-Haves

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Dancing with the Stars: Peta's Tanning Must-Haves

Remember when we let you in on Peta's secrets for a TV ready tan? Well, we're back with more, this time focusing Peta's DWTS must-haves. 

1. Self-Tanning Mousse In The Shade Dark

Peta’s golden tan comes from the Peta Jane Beauty Self-Tanning Mousse in dark. It’s cloud-like texture makes it easy to apply even for beginners! Our tanning mousse is specially formulated to dry quickly leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and never sticky. Peta's favorite part? The signature Peta Jane Beauty scent. 🌺


2. Velvety Soft Tanning Mitt: Your Tan's BFF

Can't tackle tanning without our signature PJB tanning mitt. It's unique design allows for an even application, even in the trickiest spots. Our mitts feature a dedicated deep thumb space for enhanced comfort and control. 

3. Exfoliator: The Prep Step

The key to a long-lasting tan is exfoliation. Shed dead skin cells with a chemical or physical exfoliator, for the perfect blank canvas for your self-tanner. Peta never skips this step and neither should you! 


4. A Hydrating Tan Extender: Lock in the Glow

To keep your tan from fading too quicky, make sure you're investing in a tan-friendly moisturizer or tan extender. Peta uses our Tan Extender Lotion to keep her tan looking fresh until her next application!  The Peta Jane Beauty tan extender is your tan’s best friend - with its hydrating formula mixed with a small amount of DHA it builds, and extends the life-span of your tan.

5. Highlighter: Instant Glam

Chances are you already have a highlighter in your beauty stash. Add a touch of it to the high points of your body where light naturally hits (bridge of the nose, high points of the cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders..) for a little pop of glamour and an airbrushed look! 


These are the essential tools for a TV-ready tan, just like Peta's. If you want to dive deeper into her secrets, read this now.

DWTS - Tools You Need for Peta's Tan

7. Confidence: The Ultimate Accessory

We've said this before and we’ll say it again…

The most important tool you can have in your tanning kit isn't something you can buy. It's confidence! 

Dancing with the Stars: STAGE - READY TAN

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