Spray Tanning vs. Self-Tanning: Is there a better option?



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Spray Tanning vs. Self-Tanning: Is there a better option?

Are you having trouble deciding between a spray tan or a self-tanning mousse? One is better than the other for getting that youthful, natural tan!

Self-tanning mousses provide a much simpler and higher quality tanning experience than spray tans do. Let’s break down why.

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Spray tanning is more time-consuming and expensive (lose-lose). It requires appointments with spray tan artists, which can get pricey since they're usually done by a professional.

Tanning mousses are applied in the comfort of your home, whenever you want, and a single PJB bottle has 6-7 uses (win-win-win!). And PJB tanning mousse dries quickly, so once it's applied you can go about your day with minimal transfer onto clothing or bedding.

Tanning mousse also allows for more control in the application process. You can be sure that your mousse is being applied all over your skin. If you notice you missed a spot, you can always do touch-ups if needed! 


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So, to spray tan or to self-tan? Self-tanning mousses are the best way to go for that sun-kissed glow. Check out our tanning guides to make sure you’re making the most of your self-tanner!

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