Post-Tan Care: How to Nourish and Prolong Your Tan




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Post-Tan Care: How to Nourish and Prolong Your Tan

We know you work hard for your sunless tan, but a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow that looks and feels healthy isn’t just about the application. The products you use and your routines after application are just just as important. 

Certain products will strip your skin of moisture or exfoliate your skin, causing your tan to fade more quickly and unevenly. So, let’s talk about how you can avoid this!



The products you use in the shower have a big impact on how your tan fades. Harsh chemicals or ingredients, like alcohol, in your body wash will help strip your tan or make it patchy. Try using products with natural or gentle formulas, instead.

Exfoliators are a no-go, unless you're trying to get rid of your tan. So stay away from exfoliating body washes, scrubs, washcloths, and loofas. Your skin only needs exfoliating once or twice a week, anyway! 

If hot showers are your thing, time to turn down the heat. Hot showers will dry out your skin which can make your tan more patchy. So try a more luke warm, if you can!

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Did we mention that you should moisturize? Hydrated and moisturized skin is the key to an even tan and fade. Again, avoid harsh chemicals and ingredients in your moisturizer and opt for fragrance-free and oil-free options. 

Natural, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera should be your go-tos.

Want to know more about tan-safe moisturizers? Check out this blog post!


Sunscreen is a must for youthful, glowing skin! Let’s make sure we’re choosing the right one.

Stay away from aerosol sprays, since the alcohol content can dry out the skin causing your tan to fade unevenly. Go for lotions or creams with broad-spectrum protection to shield your skin without sacrificing your tan.


If you’re looking to really make that glow last, then Peta Jane Beauty’s Tan Extender Lotion is your new best friend. This lotion is perfect for building, accelerating or extending your gorgeous tan!

Keep these tips and ingredients in mind when shopping for skincare products and after you’ve self-tanned. Your tan and skin will thank you!

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